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How Wish Alerts App is Helpful to Independently-Owned Businesses.

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 31, 2016 5:06:51 AM / by Shane Amyx

Make your wish come true with WishAlerts! That is what most merchants and their prospective customers are saying post the app launches in the mainstream local commerce market of Denmark.

In short, this app is a perfect blend of GPS based navigation, local commercial search and social media messaging all coupled into one single app.

The app is a perfect choice for merchants who sell various kinds of products and services and are looking to enhance their customer base and expand their overall market in terms of sales.

How is the App Helpful for Merchants?

  1. The app features a very powerful and fully-customizable merchant account which merchants can use to showcase their products/wares and be of service to their new customers.
  2. To help score brand new customers and to induce them to visit a nearby merchant store, the app has a  ‘Near me’ location-based navigation system that help customers to locate business outlets and retail stores for the product/services they are interested to invest in.
  3. The app provides full access to a list of products and services the user searched for based on keyword level search strings.
  4. The app also gives merchants the ability to create various customized offers, in-app promotional content and various price point declarations that can help lure a customer to their merchant store. This is done with the list of merchandise available from the customer-generated searches.
  5. The app promises improved sales as well as monetization with full access to any customer’s merchandise list to help a merchant understand what kind of product/service a customer wants.
  6. Since this is a social networking app too, merchants can directly connect with customers to understand the specific needs and requirements a customer puts up in case of bulk orders or customized sales options.
  7. Merchants can also get dedicated followers for their products and they can easily share product related updates, offers and price point negotiations with the customers directly through social media feeds.
  8. The app also helps the merchant look for new customers based on user generated social media feeds.
  9. The merchant can connect with the users via chat and talk to them directly in order to solve their sales-related queries or order dispatch details so that both parties can maintain a healthy B2C (Business to Customer) relationship.
  10. The UI of the app is very simple to use and can be used by merchants who have less proficiency in information technology. The app’s features are clearly highlighted so that selecting an option is very easy.

This app will be in direct competition with major social networking and mainstream directory based apps since most apps offer only one feature, whereas the WishAlerts app combines them both in order to promote CRM (Customer Relationship Management) of a different kind.

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Shane Amyx

Written by Shane Amyx