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An Overview Of the Wishalerts App Functioning - The Process Flow

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 5, 2016 4:44:45 AM / by Shane Amyx

Wishalerts is a wonderful app that is set to revolutionize the way you shop. The app neatly lays out merchants for you to browse through based on your location. The social networking function connects both merchants and users via chat to help them promote their cause.

The app has some neat features like:

1. Promos and Deals

  • Promos are a great way to promote your merchandise  to existing and potential customers via Wishalerts. Your promos can be in the form of a Discount, Freebie or Special.
  • Wishalerts gives full freedom to merchants to browse through customer wish lists in order to understand what customers want. 
  • After this, they can contact customers subscribed to them in order to attract customers to their business via marketing and promotions via this app. 

2. Rich Search Results

  • Let the image tiles and detailed information on each search result pages help your merchandise and business listing stand out from the rest to help you get ahead of your competition.
  • With the option of user reviews and ratings, the users can post reviews about your store/outlet and give ratings to your customer engagement, quality of products/services offered and their price point comparison to induce other customers to try out your products/services as well! 

3. Special Menus – ‘Near Me’

  • The ‘Near Me’ option lets you explore things to do around you.
  • How about trying something new and delicious each day? How about buying your favourite product in your area of proximity? How about locating things to do in your area with the help of an app? 
  • The Wishalerts app helps you find new services and products in your area with a map feature that works on geo-location. It helps you stay up-to-date with promos and offers from the nearby merchants as well! 

4. Events and Social Media

  • This app is just not a directory based app! It also has a social networking feature that helps you share your experiences with your friends and trusted people.
  • Upload pictures and videos of events such as ‘Ladies' Night’ or a ‘Romantic Dinner’ you're hosting at your nearby restaurant or bar. Help the merchants gain more leverage in their area by letting new people know about cool places to hangout, shop or purchase products from.

5. Real-time Customer Engagement

  • Directly connect and engage with your customers as a merchant by replying to the reviews they write about your establishment.
  • Solve their purchase, order related queries so that when they arrive at your outlet/restaurant/office/retail store, they face no hassles while making a payment for their intended purchase of service. 

The Process Flow


  • To help customers know about local merchants in their area of proximity who offer various products and services like fine-dining, petrol pumps, hospitals, nursing homes, ethnic clothing and jewellery, etc.
  • To help merchants expand their business locally on a larger scale by inviting new and unknowing customers to try their products and services in their current location.

User-Based Search

  • The customer searches for a specific product/service, reviews its ratings and specifications and adds it to a newly created wish list.
  • The app then generates push notifications generated by the merchant in the form of location based maps, offers, price-point deals and other promotional content to impress the customer to lure them towards their business.

For Merchants

  • The app gives them full control over the wish lists users create so that they can understand their market and its outreach better.
  • They can design their offers, catalogues and other business-related content to upload on the app so that they can attract customers.

Visiting the Merchant’s Area Of Operation

  • When the customer is satisfied with the merchant’s claims, he/she can visit the merchant’s Area of Operation with the help of GPS guided maps that lead them directly to the merchant’s office, outlet or office.
  • The customer can then use the product/service and pay for it.


  • The customers can now share their experience with the social media function and share their pictures, videos, ratings and reviews to help their peers know about this new place and try out their products as well. 
  • These reviews and ratings will help the merchant expand his/her business by getting more and more new customers with the help of this app.


  • With this app, merchants get to invite more and more customers without having to spend obnoxious amounts on paper or TV advertising.
  • The users also get to try out new places and products that they always wanted to experience. All this happens locally without having to browse through yellow pages and going to eCommerce sites.

As you can see, this app does everything a person would like to do when he wants to try out local services especially if they are new to that area. This helps merchants of that place engage new customers with their business and expand it exponentially.

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Shane Amyx

Written by Shane Amyx