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An App Where Wishes Come True is Coming Soon - Wishalerts

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 5, 2016 4:46:33 AM / by Shane Amyx

We are releasing a new app in town that will acts as your personal genie – it makes your wishes come true!

Don’t believe us? Try the soon-to-launch Wishalerts app that fulfills all your wishes – almost literally!

What does Wishalerts App do? 

  • The app is going to completely transform your social networking experience!
  • It is a customizable and fun social networking + local hangout search app that lets you create any kind of wish lists, find ‘near me’ places to enhance your local browsing experience, get promotional offers from merchants, to make connections with new people via chat and messaging to give your life that extra ‘zing’ it always needed.
  • The app sports a neat UI that enlists almost every activity you would want to do on a social networking app that also hosts a commercial search portal within it like making purchase, finding products you always ‘wished for’ and to connect directly with merchants selling such products and/or services.

Benefits of the App

The App has two set of audience, merchant and end-users, and it is beneficial like anything for both.

Benefits For Merchants

  • The app features a powerful and fully customizable merchant account to help merchants of products to showcase their business products and services for luring new customers.
  • To help Drive in customers to nearby merchant stores, the app features a ‘Near me’ location to help customers locate business outlets for the product they are looking for.
  • Full Access to list of products and services the user is looking for based on keyword search lists.
  • The ability to create customized offers, promotional content, and in-app promotions derived from the list of merchandise the prospective customer is looking for.
  • Improved sales with full access to every customer’s list of the products and services they seem interested to purchase.
  • Get regular followers and share your product updates with them through social media feeds.
  • Connect with the users and chat with them directly to solve sales-related query or order completion problems and maintain a healthy B2C (Business to Customer) relationship.

Benefits For Users

  • Check out nearby places to shop, dine and roam around based on the geo-location.
  • Create wish lists for products you like and get exclusive offers from nearby merchants.
  • The Social networking option helps you to connect with merchants and other users and also helps you share your overall experience.
  • The Social media option helps you share updates with your chosen friends.
  • You can chat with your connections and drop messages to them even when they are offline.
  • You can create your own personalized profile and share stuff you like with friends on your personal wall.
  • The Photo Gallery option helps you share the pictures you like and also tag preferred friends to enhance your social media outreach.
  • Push notifications to help you get updates when you are away from your phone.
  • You can easily customize your privacy settings to set who can Tag, Follow and View your profile photos.
  • Enable location-based access to friends so that you can share your current location with them via GPS.
  • Follow your connections and get followed back by friends to build your own social circle.

Overall, this app promises to be a delightful one. The mix of local search and social media networking is brilliant and will work out very well. The app will roll out soon for the popular iOS platform and you can download it to avail the benefits yourself.

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Shane Amyx

Written by Shane Amyx